A Wedding and an Anniversary

June brings weddings and their reverberations in anniversaries. This year I participated in helping to plan and lead a lovely wedding for Sarah Osmer and Gabriel Vinas.

Sarah we have known over many years through her parents, Rick and Sally. Gabriel, who once studied in Cape Town, has been with Sarah for some years now. They survived a winter with us on the mountain last year, so they have passed the test for matrimony!

As a gift, I turned this salad bowl for them, with a promissory note for ongoing little side bowls. About 11 inches across, it’s made of black cherry from our mountain.

Wood bowl  made from cherry wood

Our own 29th anniversary was the following day. The river may not be as boisterous on the surface, but the channel is carved deep by many happy springs together.

Ten thousand mornings

creeping over coverlet

the sun has us discovered

spooned together…

2 thoughts on “A Wedding and an Anniversary”

  1. Bill and Sylvia;
    Congratulations on your Anniversary!

    Lynne and I know too well that the number of years together don’t really matter as much as each day, one at a time.

    If I’ve got the math right, this means you and Sylvia have been together for 10,585 days!

    Lynne and I will celebrate 16,060 days, tomorrow,June 17th.

    It is a wonderful life, one day at a time!

    Blessings to all who know such joy and the meaning of such celebrations.

    Love and Grace.
    Steve and Lynne

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