Topics List

On  this site I will post writings and information about the following subjects. Just click on the title here and you can scroll down to a post that interests you.

Arts. Presentation of art pieces as well as reflection about the arts.

Cyprus. Posts about my trips to Cyprus and the preparation of my book Mining Memories on Cyprus 1923-1925.

Ecology. Ecological concerns have shaped not only the novel, Red Clay, Blood River, but are also work their way into my work on restorative justice and reconciliation, as well as the Roundtable Ministries that give them expression. Woodworking, for instance, is also a practical engagement with the natural world that sustains us.

Ethics. Reflections on various topics, usually speaking to contemporary public life.

On Writing. My reflections on my own writing as well as the world of writing, publishing, and literature.

Personal Events. Reports from my family, friends, or personal life.

Poetry and Songs. Poetry that escapes the boundaries of my prose finds a place here, along with reflections on my book, Turnings: Poems of Transformation, and occasional songs for Roundtable Worship and other occasions.

Public Life. Reflections on public life in America as well as elsewhere.

Red Clay, Blood River. Reflections on key themes in my novel, with reader responses and announcements of promotional events.

Restorative Justice. Reflections on themes of reconciliation, reparation, forgiveness, and human and ecological restoration.

Roundtable Ministries. Information, reflections, and information about forms of worship and community action that put the dynamics of circle conversations at the heart of religious faith. For more on these themes go to Roundtable Worship: A Reflective Guide.

Travel Journal. Occasional reports, observations, and reflections from my travels.

Woodworking. Pictures of recent projects as well as reflections on woodworking, including responses to Sawdust and Soul: A Conversation about Woodworking and Spirituality.

Worship and SpiritualityReflections on worship, spirituality, and religious life.