Books by William J. Everett

A Covenantal Imagination – Selected Essays in Christian Social Ethics (2022)

This collection of my essays traces the main contours of the development of my thought. At the core of this development has been the rich concept of covenant, with its many expressions in theories of federalism, the dynamics of reconciliation, and ways of knitting together our “oikos” of work, family, faith, and the land.

Making My Way in Ethics, Worship, and Wood – An Expository Memoir (2021)

This exposition of my thoughts ranges from construction of frameworks for relating Christianity to the behavioral sciences to substantive engagement with concepts of covenant and constitutionalism, the oikos of work, family, and faith, and ecological and restorative justice.

Blessed Be the Bond – Christian Perspectives on Marriage and Family (1985, 2019)

Third Edition. This book describes key socio-economic and psychological changes in marriage and family over the past few generations and then explore four theological symbols—sacrament, covenant, vocation, and communion—that have been used to guide Christians in these complex relationships. (Free download)

God’s Federal Republic – Reconstructing Our Governing Symbol (2019)

In this book I lift up the biblical and classical origins of our present republican experiment to construct a theological position and religious symbolism that can imaginatively engage our present public life with a contemporary language permeated with a transcendent vision.

Disciplines in Transformation: A Guide to Theology and the Behavioral Sciences (1979, 2019)

This book provides a framework for understanding the complex relationships among theology, sociology, and psychology in a critical way that can lead to new understandings, practices, and commitments.

Mining Memories on Cyprus 1923-1925 – Photographs, Correspondence, and Reflections (2017)

Based on my maternal grandparents’ involvement with re-opening the ancient copper mine at Skouriotissa, Cyprus, it contains 116 startlingly clear photos of mine life in those years as well as copious quotes from their correspondence and personal documents. (Kindle format.)

SAwdust and Soul – A Conversation about Woodworking and Spirituality (2015)

Sawdust and Soul arose from many conversations and joint woodworking projects over the years with John de Gruchy—friend, theologian, and woodworker who lives in South Africa’s Western Cape but who has also spent extensive time in the US.

Turnings – Poems of Transformation (2013)

Like works in wood upon a lathe, these poems are word-turnings that reveal the inner grain of our human experience. They are bowls to catch our turnings of memory, conversion, falling in love, and passing through our seasons and the wrenching turns that mark our lives.

Red Clay, Blood River (2009)

Based on extensive research in the United States, South Africa, and England, this book takes readers through a sweeping saga of love and conflict in the context of emigration, invasion, slavery, and exploitation from within the sensibilities of an earth that seeks the flourishing of all creatures and transcends their deaths within its life.