Bluegrass at the Boston Roundtable

Last week I spent some time in the Boston area, where I helped lead Tom Porter’s seminar on Restorative Justice at Boston University School of Theology before moving on to Andover Newton Theological School, where I had a series of events introducing people to Red Clay, Blood River.

Prof. Mark Burrows coordinated the events and collaborated with me in the composition of a worship service in their new chapel based on the Roundtable model. The conversation at table drew on Scripture, the “Ecologue” in the novel, and responses from Prof. Burrows.

The musicians — piano, harmonica, guitar, and banjo — made me feel right at home! It was a spirited assembly indeed. You can see the text of the liturgy on my Wisdom’s Table website.

In the evening about thirty-five people gathered for a conversation about the novel hosted by the Boston Theological Institute ethics faculty. The spirited and insightful discussion among many old friends and newcomers provided a remarkable evening.

My thanks to my hosts, Mark Burrows and Sharon Thornton, and to all who participated!