Lake Junaluska Peace Conference

You haven’t been hearing from me as much as I would like, because Sylvia and I have been very involved in planning for the second annual Lake Junaluska Peace Conference.

This year’s Conference, which will take place Sunday, September 20 to Tuesday, September 22, is an Interfaith Conference “Building Partnership for Peace.” Working with the theme of “The Tent of Abraham,” we are bringing together Jewish and Muslim leaders to help the conference expand beyond its Methodist Christian base in the search for more effective peacebuilding initiatives in our communities.

Coming as it does during the Jewish High Holy Days of repentance and renewal, as well as the Eid-al-Fitr feast at the end of Ramadan, it has been harder to find wide participation, but it is a meaningful time for this effort. Incidentally, Monday, September 21, is the International Day of Peace!

Sylvia and I have been co-chairs of the Worship Team which is planning prayerful gatherings for this assembly — a very difficult, challenging, but rewarding task. For more about the inspiring book, Tent of Abraham, by Joan Chittister, Murshid Chisti, and Arthur Waskow, visit the Tent of Abraham website.

We have 350 registrants and some wonderful leadership coming. I’ll let you know what happens!

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  1. Always good to hear from you, Bill. Blessings on your conference next week – we’ll remember you all in our prayers on Sunday. Best to Sylvia!

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