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Breaking Through

  We found beneath the mulch of leaves and sticks the rough earth the broken glass a bursting acorn seeking the light its infantile roots locked against a rock below No against an asphalt sheath. A road had run beneath … Continue reading

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2020 Vision

This is the year humanity lies sleeping on the earth           in fevered nightmares like hibernating bears claws twitching            restless trapped inside a cave where shadowed fears and memories             run … Continue reading

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Not even Judas

Hidden on the mountainsides of Appalachia lives beneath majestic canopies a tree they call the Judas tree. Its purple buds begin the spring break through the bark betrayed by winter’s silver hands. And as the sun burns higher in the … Continue reading

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My Father Ran

My father ran. He ran for Peddie School over muddy paths along New Jersey’s streams. He ran for Lehigh on the tracks in Bethlehem. He ran alone             in teams             against himself             against his fears             his insecurities … Continue reading

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