In the small town where I live it is not unusual to hear people say in parting “I will pray for you.” If not “you,” then it might be your family member, friend, or someone suffering in the neighborhood. I heard it in the bank the other day as we waited for our long-time front desk friend to finish with another customer.

In a small town relationships overlap, criss-cross and go beyond the formal lines. They lead us to a periphery of commitment we might not otherwise entertain. Words like this expand our world.

It made me think how limited our vocabulary is to give expression to such sentiments. I have Quaker friends who use the phrase, “I will hold you in the light.” I like it, but aren’t there many more? From that wondering emerged this musing, complete with the famous line from Julian of Norwich, “All will be well.” Maybe you could add your own.


“I will pray for you.”

All will be well.

I will blow God’s breath across your waters,

Wash God’s ocean on your shores,

Draw the water of God’s well to wet your lips.

I will shine God’s light within the darkness all around you,

Call your name out in the night,

Hold your pulse within my heart,

Beat your drum in empty streets.

I will seat you in the midst of Easter lilies,

I will plant you in the flood’s black loam,

I will water your roots with care.

I will pray for you.

Well will be your all.

3 thoughts on “Intercession”

  1. Thanks for this, Bill. So beautiful. I’d like to offer something fitting from Buddhism, but intercession falls into the great Emptiness. (And Buddhist excuses for music, alas, stir longings for the old Cokesbury.)

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