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Dear Ms. Constitution

In the crazy house of mirrors that we find ourselves in these days I fell into a fantasy that I was a small town newspaper editor who received this letter in his inbox. It was printed carefully on paper with … Continue reading

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Queen and Constitution

Queen Elizabeth II has been the only monarch of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth that I can remember. I am not alone, of course. Since her accession to the throne in February 1952 (when I was 11), she has … Continue reading

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On Constitutions, Covenants, and Preambles

It is July 4 – the American summer festival of extravagant patriotism, razzle-dazzle festivities, hot dogs, hamburgers, and (for many) beer. It is also a moment when the punditry and intelligentsia ponder this republic’s founding principles. Since most Americans can’t … Continue reading

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Two Fundamentalisms

I have been reading Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God during the Senate hearings for Elena Kagan, Obama’s latest nominee for the Supreme Court. In both cases I was absorbed by their struggle with fundamentalism. While Fundamentalism in America has … Continue reading

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