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A Table for Marsh Chapel and Beyond

I have just completed the table that accompanies the lectern I wrote about earlier for the Boston University School of Theology. The folks I have been working with on this at the School are now assembling it for use in … Continue reading

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Making My Way in Ethics, Worship, and Wood

I am pleased to announce the appearance of Making My Way in Ethics, Worship, and Wood: An Expository Memoir. In this book I lay out the main way of thinking that has emerged out of my personal experience and cultural … Continue reading

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Under Howard Thurman’s Tree

Howard Thurman entered my consciousness sometime in the 1960s, as I was taking up my graduate studies at Yale. As Dean of the Chapel at Boston University (1953-65), he was already being quoted in sermons, and his poems and prayers … Continue reading

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Falling On Our Knees

Our knee is on creation’s neck. Her breath is halting, weak, Strangled by our disregard, our cold contempt. Our mother, she is crying out beneath our weight, Beseeching that we love her. Let her arms envelop us So that we … Continue reading

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