William Johnson Everett



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Selected Occasional Pieces

1997       “Tulip Trees and Tendons,” Remarks at Convocation, Andover Newton Theological School, September 17.

1999      “Best course of action…” Enterprise Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, Friday, July 9, 4A. (On Flag Amendment)

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Four Videotapes (with Sylvia Johnson Everett) in connection with the OIKOS Project on Work, Family and Faith produced by the Media Center, Candler School of Theol­ogy, Emory University:

 “Weaving the Fabric of Work, Family and Faith” (1988)

“Called and Coupled” (1989)

“The Parenthood of All Believers” (1989)

“How Does the Church Manage?” (1989)

Significant Unpublished Manuscripts

1972       “All Religion to the People: Disestablishing the Civil Religion,” Annual Meeting of the Midwest Section, American Academy of Religion, Chicago.

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“Toward an Association for Theological Education.” A circulated proposal.

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2002      “Struggling with Symbols: The Search for Transversals,” presented at Social Ethics Seminar of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Reviews of Work

Baum, Gregory, “Ecumenical Theology: A New Approach,” The Ecumenist, 19:5 (July-August 1981), 65-78.

(Publications prior to June 1982 appear under my former name, William W. Everett, III.)


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