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Under Howard Thurman’s Tree

Howard Thurman entered my consciousness sometime in the 1960s, as I was taking up my graduate studies at Yale. As Dean of the Chapel at Boston University (1953-65), he was already being quoted in sermons, and his poems and prayers … Continue reading

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Falling On Our Knees

Our knee is on creation’s neck. Her breath is halting, weak, Strangled by our disregard, our cold contempt. Our mother, she is crying out beneath our weight, Beseeching that we love her. Let her arms envelop us So that we … Continue reading

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Weeping for the Peace of Jerusalem

In the stunned faces and writhing bodies of little children besieged by bombs and missiles we hear the ancient cry of the God whose own body is constantly torn apart by us all—God’s very own children. Whether we are Americans, … Continue reading

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Down Size

  Let’s build a new nest for our love, my dear. We’ll make it from memory and hope and slow falling steps. It will not be so full of the plans born of yearning. It will fit us with lay … Continue reading

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