Flared Cherry Bowl

I recently completed this cherry bowl from a tree on our property. I made it for a good friend of many years in Atlanta. I wanted it to represent an opening up to the world and to the wider realm beyond us.

It’s about 8 inches across and 5 inches high. The wall is generally 3/16th of an inch thick. The finish is a citrus based clear finish that I get from Earthpaints, an earth-friendly paint and finish factory in Asheville, NC.

Because of my surgery I won’t be able to get back to my woodturning for a few months, so I’ll have to be content with this picture. I like the clean lines and think I’ll work on some more like it in walnut and cherry.

Flared cherry bowl

9 thoughts on “Flared Cherry Bowl”

  1. Thank you, friends. Worked wood speaks for itself and reveals something intricately beautiful about the materials growing right around us. The bowl is made of Black Cherry, which grows profusely throughout the southern Appalachians. It’s a lovely wood to work. It turns a rich dark brown, almost burgundy, within a year or so.
    And I’m glad it has turned one of you into an instant poet! Many thanks, Steve.

  2. A Bill Bowl is open to receive,
    Holds just enough to share and no more.

    Never hoards or hides its contents,
    A holy grail of sorts empty but full.

    Birthed from a seed, nurtured by dying leaves,
    Raised in splendor and rescued from obscurity.

    Turned and shaped with eye-full hands until at last it beholds its maker.


    Bill, don’t really know where poems come from, but I bet you have a clue about how this one was inspired by your work/life.

    Love and Grace,
    Steve and Lynne

  3. Bill

    You can add another field to your already large list of accomplishments and talents.
    _Artist!!!_ Maybe someday we will be seeing
    a notice in the art world of your exhibits.
    Looks to me as if you have turned your woodworking skills into art.
    Good Job. The Cherry bowl is beautiful.

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