Restorative Justice

Darwin and Restorative Justice

The evolutionary perspective that Charles Darwin generated over a century ago continues to refocus, reframe, and reconstruct our views of everything from God to humanity, history to biology. Perusing the latest controversies, I began to think about the impact of evolutionary thought on restorative justice.

The Trail of Tears Association

In 2003 Sylvia and I retraced, by car, the main overland route of the Trail of Tears, starting northeast of Chattanooga and proceeding across Tennessee, western Kentucky, into southern Illinois, across the Mississippi into Missouri, the northwestern tip of Arkansas and into Oklahoma. We drove in the comfort of a car and stayed in pleasant

Peacejam Memories

This week I made some presentations on South Africa and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to 8th graders at the nearby Waynesville Middle School. Most of them are heavily involved in the Peacejam Program, which encourages them to find ways to advance peace in the world. This Saturday, through their initiative, groups in the county

Earth Speaks in Haiti

All our careful plans and fervent hopes are devastated by one brief shudder in earth’s crust. In the face of such appalling suffering and destruction, an offering of words seems an obscene gesture. Yet words must come, not only to spurn on our action, but to reconstruct the world of meaning which a cataclysm threatens.

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