Falling On Our Knees

Our knee is on creation’s neck.

Her breath is halting, weak,

Strangled by our disregard, our cold contempt.

Our mother, she is crying out beneath our weight,

Beseeching that we love her.

Let her arms envelop us

So that we all can breathe,

Can feel the pulse of common blood

Within one heart,

So that engorged with pain

We fall upon our knees beside her,

Pray to her

Lie prostrate by her body

Her tears baptizing us within the flood

Preparing us for resurrection.

Like many of you in the past year, I have been struggling with the haunting image of the brutally indifferent murder of George Floyd. At the same time, like you, I am living in the shadow of the Great Extinction we are causing by our radical changes to the atmosphere and our climate.

The images came together for me in this poem, which I share simply as a means of meditation on the moment of judgment and possible renewal in which we live.

2 thoughts on “Falling On Our Knees”

  1. For me, this brilliantly captures the moment. Just wish I had faith in the possibility of renewal. Much appreciation, Bill, for giving eloquent words to our shared experience.

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