Petroglyphs at Three Rivers

Pile of rocks at Three Rivers in New Mexico

Images of lizards



                        stuck full of arrows


                                                                        and faces

                        shaped like moons

            were seared into

                                                the blackened surfaces

                                    of jumbled boulders

As if


            the earth

            become a man

            had showered magmic marbles

            in a heap

            upon the desert floor


As if

            the hands of human beings

            were fire and wind,


            on the dark face of time.

3 sheep carved on old stone

The Petroglyphs at Three Rivers, New Mexico, are located in the Tularosa Basin, just east of the White Sands Missile Range.

3 thoughts on “Petroglyphs at Three Rivers”

  1. We are of the earth, coming from the earth, returning to the earth. Pachamama is our mother from the beginning and we all share her–humans, animals, nature’s elements. What will our own legacy be?

  2. We are one with our mother earth, Pachamama, the land is one with us and has been since the beginning. We are nature’s community–humans, beasts, the elements. What will our legacy be?

  3. \’\’Beautiful!!! The dangerous lack of rain for many months and the dangerous abundance of rain afterwards in California indicate how lucky we are to survive and move around unpetrified.\”

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