How Many More?

How many children more

            must we sacrifice

            to Great God Gun?

How many more must die

            to feed the greed of

            Smith and Wesson, Remington, and Glock?

How many more must die

            so that their blood

            runs into pockets of the politicians

            bowing at the altar of The Gun?

How many more must scream before we hear their hopeful songs?

How many more must die before we learn to trust in love?

How many grieving parents will it take to cleanse the temple of their blood?

How many more before we drive away the fear that now enslaves us?

Come, God of Love, save us from our fear.

2 thoughts on “How Many More?”

  1. Most touching, Bill. For those of us locally, it has been literally a mind numbing time, the shock horrible and deep. Your poetry helps surface our feelings–grief, anger, praise, depression. Thank you for helping us stay human amidst the irrationality you so pointedly make. My son-in-law is an Orange County sheriff’s deputy, and told what it was like to see the bodies lying in Pulse, with their cell phones ringing from loved ones seeking their safety. Madness, madness.

  2. Well said! I remember a Quaker activist once who said we should know who the gun makers are. Who is Uzi? Who is Winchester?

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