In the midst of the trauma that assails our consciousness every day, whether it is the butchery in Syria or the insanity of violence in our own country, we still have to live our daily lives. We have to keep whatever senses we have open to the world immediately before us.

And so today I honor shoes, those humble instruments, those seductive adornments. Here’s what popped out.

What do they talk about all day

the shoes

toe to toe

the heels

up against the wall?

While I blink

before the sun and headlights…


2 thoughts on “Shoes”

  1. Very charming, Bill, and I’ll never think of my shoes in the same way again. I have marveled at the patience of shoes when you may go a whole season or year without using them. There they are, just waiting and hoping.

  2. I love this poem, especially while they lie silent with slack tongues.
    I want to save this poem and read it for my students.
    thanks for sharing it.

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