No Matter

It’s about time for another love poem. The trip to Cyprus was prompted by the occasion of our thirtieth wedding anniversary, so it’s only appropriate that I move us from that travel blog to fresh reflections with a poem that popped up to celebrate that wondrous fact. As they say in the restaurants these days, enjoy.

No matter

how the words spilled out in heat

the songs reverberated in the showers

the ripped red poems rejoiced and cried

the fantasies of fresh beginnings knit

our lives together in a single tapestry…

2 thoughts on “No Matter”

  1. What a lovely poem!

    Yes, matter matters for love to find its expression and fulfillment. Yet, love transcends matter and ultimately spirit matters! What fantastic thirty years of matter and spirit joined together in the embrace of love!

    – a poor poetic response to your excellent poem.


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