Beginning Again

In the past year my wife, Sylvia, has pulled back from her big artistic projects and gone back to the piano, which took a back seat to her other pursuits in music and the arts for many decades.

Sylvia standing in front of piano

We recently found a picture of her at age seventeen standing next to her family’s piano in a dress she had made. Moreover, the picture contained the same book (John Thompson’s “Modern Course for the Piano”) that she has returned to now under the guidance of a teacher in our community.

All of this led to a poem that might resonate for all of you who have taken up something that meant much in younger years and that can once again feed you in a new way. As they say in the fancy restaurants, “enjoy.”

Her fingertips caress the keys

exploring half-remembered chords,

hands travel over black and white

reflections of her hair…

2 thoughts on “Beginning Again”

  1. Yes, those Johnson girls… GO! One other correspondent reports that she also took up John Thompson’s book on returning recently to the piano. A life passage for sure.
    I have added my recording of the poem to the post.

  2. Bill:
    Glad to see you getting back into your poetry
    blogs. I look forward to them.
    My sister Sylvia never ceases to amaze me. She’s never too busy, tired or whatever to start some major new endeavor and I have no doubts that she will conquer the piano as she has everything else she became interested in.
    !!GO SYLVIA!!!

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