A New Table

This table was commissioned by the District Superintendents of the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church to honor their Bishop, John Schol.

The pedestal of walnut and cherry creates a well from which waters appear in the mosaic on the top. These waters of creation and baptismal renewal contain a spiral motif symbolic of God’s creative power. Crossing through the waters are four mandorlas, the ancient symbol of the womb, often used to frame Mary, the mother of Jesus.

William Everett standing behind custom wood table with mosaic and wood inlay

The mandorlas also create the ancient symbol of the fish, used since the earliest time to signify Christian life. The four mandorlas constitute a cross, leading us from the self-giving waters of creation to the self-giving work of Christ. In the four quadrants formed by the cross we find symbols relating to the work of the church as understood by this Conference.

The shepherd’s crook is the symbol of the Episcopal office that this table honors. The hand spreading seed reminds us of the Church’s mission to spread the good news of the Gospel. In the third quadrant wheat is intertwined with an olive branch to remind us that the work of peace-building is intrinsic to the nurture and fellowship of the table.

Finally, a Bible is laid open with words drawn from Acts 2, “They broke bread with glad and generous hearts.” (v. 46), a signature motif for the work of the church and specifically for this Conference.

Bible with words They Broke Bread with Glad and Generous Hearts.

The top is hard maple, with wood inlays of walnut, padauk, dyed poplar, zebrawood, and holly. Sylvia helped me lay in the mosaic of vitreous glass tile.

6 thoughts on “A New Table”

  1. Thank you Bill for this marvelous piece of art. So much spirituality carved into such small wooden space! So many lofty theological ideas inlaid on a circle of grace! What rare combination of simplicity and depth! Creativity at its best! Congratulations!

  2. Bill, Not only is this work an act of sacrifice of self, but it is also a wonderful gift of worship and praise. The Baltimore and Washington Conference, I’m sure, as well as the Bishop, will be delighted. Thanks for continuiing to share your many and varied gifts.
    – Michael H Richards

  3. What a beautiful and lasting tribute to Bishop Schol! Our son, Robin, a Deacon in his Annual Conference and Baltimore pastor, would also join me in this tribute to their leader.
    – Ken Johnson

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