Books on Worship Now in Digital Format

I have embarked on a project to make available some of my writings that are out of print or inaccessible. This began with the production of Blessed Be the Bond at the instigation of my friend Richard Hunt (see my earlier post on this).

To this list I am now adding two books on worship. I am posting here the introduction to Roundtable Worship, which I posted earlier on JustPeace’s website, along with other helpful resources.

I have now edited my earlier book, which appeared under the title The Politics of Worship and publishing it as Praying for God’s Republic, which was my original title. This little book lays out the argument for transforming our worship by employing the basic paradigm of constitutional, democratic republics rather than the paradigm of patriarchal monarchy in which much of Christian and Jewish worship arose.

This, needless to say, is no easy task, but the democratic longings that have burst forth in the Arab Spring only emphasize how important it is to align our deepest ethical aspirations with the forms in which we pray, sing, preach, and chant.

You can read these pieces and save them for your own use in a pdf reader by CLICKING HERE.You can also find a link to this page at the top of this site at “Books and Articles — FREE” or by scrolling down the right hand column on this page to the standing announcement.