Lines Lively

A friend once said to me “I didn’t know you wrote metaphysical poems.” Well, I do. And here is yet another one, posted on this Earth Day, where we re-connect with our love for this lively planet in the mystery of this universe — or are there more?

Today also would have been my father’s 100th birthday, a man who looked into the night sky and said to me on many occasions: “It puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it?”

If our life is like a laser light

lunging through the darkness

never touching side by side

the others,

does it pierce the bounds of death,

break beyond all past,

reveal the efflorescence of our souls?

Or is the light we are

a sound that sings in heartbeats,

drawing lines along the spectrum of infinity

into a circle

where we meet ourselves

as strangers from another universe,

each sound

each color

harmonizing in a lightening love?

6 thoughts on “Lines Lively”

  1. Yes, John. Post it here if you wish. “Mystery” for me always is more than a puzzle, indeed, a saving process as I understand it in the ancient Greek “musterion.” Please share your thoughts, after your trip to Mauritius…
    Now, whether it is a laser light or is drawn into a circle, or whether it is both…

  2. Bill
    Thank you for the earth day poem. As your father said, It puts it all in perspective.
    He must have been a very wise man.

  3. Thanks for this one, Bill. Ever the bard!

    Your poem in SPIRITUS should be out any day now. Check your mailbox!

    Blessings of these journeying days,

  4. Well, a poem is a spark and you can never tell what fires it might set off! Thanks for adding an image to my understanding of its meaning. Would love to read your Easter reflections. Hope you have a renewing Easter.

  5. I was just reading John 20:1-18 to prepare my sermon for Easter Worship with the local Mar Thoma Congregation when I read your poem. It sounded like an Easter poem to me…”into a circle where we meet ourselves as strangers from another universe” triggers my imagination about Mary Magdalene’s mistaking the risen Christ to be a garderner!
    Thank you Bill!

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