The OIKOS Word on Ecology

Environmental concerns reach back to my earliest years, when I spent my summers on a family farm in northern Virginia and even formed a “Nature Club” when I was about ten years old. Twenty-five years ago, my wife Sylvia and I launched “The OIKOS Project on Work, Family and Faith” to provide a lens for looking at our connections not only with the earth but with our other crucial relationships.

We drew on the ancient Greek word written in English as “oikos,” meaning the household, from which we get our words economics, ecology, and ecumenical. Over the next ten years we conducted numerous workshops and retreats on this theme, as well as engaging in research and writing.

Over the past 15 years I have continued to teach, write, and construct worship in this area. For more on this Project visit our website,, and click on “Ethics Interests.”

The Oikos perspective always asks that we look at the connections between earth, our work, our family life, and our faith. Each implies the other. Each assumes the other. This has led me not only to academic writing but also to my recent novel, Red Clay, Blood River. I will continue to reflect on these connections here.

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  1. Bill,

    Your work with the OIKOS project concluded my third year at Candler in 1989, but it has opened a way of understanding and framing relationship ever since. I thank you. I am thrilled to find you blog site and see that are continuing to unfold and express yourself in ways that continue to speak to my own journey, and again I thank you for sharing.

    Blessings and hopeful conversations, may the continue

    Blue Ridge, GA

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